What is a scenario?
A scenario is where you tell a story together with other players for about 2-4 hours. Instead of talking about it, you play it out up on the floor. To make things run smooth, you have a gamemaster who works as a theatre director to guide you through the story. It’s like playing house when you were a child. You can’t make any mistakes and you can always do a retake, if you want to.

Why should I participate?
Because it’s fun, and you will have a great experience! Do you like reading books or watching movies? Good! This is the same, but instead of watching or reading, you are in the story.

Can I participate if I have never done anything like this before?
YES! We want you to come and play with us! You can choose to participate in the games, or you can just hang out!

What happens on location?
At the beginning of every time slot, all game masters and players who wish to play gather in the main room. Everyone then quickly get sorted into groups with a gamemaster. If you have not been assigned a scenario beforehand but want to play, you are welcome to join the gathering and you will probably get a spot on some game.

What if I am late to my game slot?
After the sorting has been done they can usually not take in more players for the slot. But there might be flexible games running that you can join, or you can hang out in the cafeteria with nice people and play board games until next slot starts.