She’s not Me


Love – Jealousy – Meta techniques
By: Elli Garperian & Niklas Henningsson
Duration: 3 hours
Number of players: 2-5

You said hi. I said hi. Baby, that’s when I knew. I just can’t take my mind of you.

That’s all that it took. They already had long time partners, but there was something about that “hi”, that just wouldn’t let them go. The game is about falling in love, being unfaithful, jealous, shame, doubting everything, and deciding if it was just a crush after all. Is it truly worth leaving your long time partner for?

Download Shes_not_Me by Elli Garperian & Niklas Henningsson

About the author
Elli is a freelancer doing 3D work, film editing, sculpting, and design. Living on the south side of Stockholm with way too many plants and two cats. She has written a few short games and been a part of organising teams for larps such as Monitor Celestra and A Nice Evening with the Family.