The Last Movie

Movie — Text-messages — Tragic Love
By: Simon Larsson & Björn Thalén (swe)
Duration: 3 hours
Number of players: 4-20


A classic story of two pairs of lovers that are about to separate. While watching a movie they communicate with glances, body language and text messages. Limited to these ways of communication you will experience feelings of love and despair. The characters are spending their last moments together before one from each couple flees the country since they have been discovered by the oppressive regime. It will be emotional and experimental. If possible, please bring a phone.

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Simon Larsson, previously written the larp “All a Facade” for Stockholm Scenario Festival and the larps “A Spotless Mind“, “Don’t Care About Us” and “The Last Time” for the larp convention Prolog.

Björn Thalén enjoys immersion heavy games. He has previously written a larp adaptation of A Doll’s house for the larp convention Prolog. When he is not larping he plays a lot of indie rpgs, bridge and the viola in an amateur symphonic orchestra.