Get into his/her head

Norms — Relationship — Meta techniques
By: Elli Garperian & Elina Andersson (swe)
Duration: 1 hours
Number of players: 2-5


“Are you going to wear THAT?”
“Is it too much, perhaps I should change? Could you keep an eye on the roast, dear?”
“I’m busy, there is a game on and I’ve got a cold beer!”

Their birthday party, her job. He will decide, she will agree, then you switch characters.
Get into his/her head is a high paced, short scenario about norms, power and the things that they never said. You will in turns be playing both The Man and The Woman in the stereotypical, heterosexual couple. The couple will be celebrating their birthdays together first by inviting His parents to dinner, then by having “their” friends over. You will experience their quarrels during the night, use meta techniques and replay the same three scenes over and over to really get into their heads.

Download Get into his/her head.


Elina is studying her last semester to become a Doctor and in her spare time she larps, organizes larps like Unsafe, The Solution and Game Mastering at Fortune and Felicity and loves to work with scenography.

Elli is a larper and game designer with a special love and talent for meta techniques. She is a skilled gamemaster and has previously worked with larps like Do us part, Monitor Celestra and Coven. In her everyday life she studies 3D printing and has a passion for crafting.