The Home Owner’s Association

Drama — Intrigue — Comedy
By: Marie Skouenborg (dk)
Duration: 4 hours
Number of players: 4


The scenario is about four board members known only as I, One, You and We, due to their specific manner of expression, body language and phrasing. They are desperately trying to impose their will on the board meetings, while privately struggling with personal issues of sorrow, anxiety and loss. The four characters only know each other in a superficial way from the intense arguing on the board meetings. To get their agendas through, they simply have to get to know each other better outside the board meetings. But what happens with all their plans, ideals and conflicts when they suddenly know their opponents on a personal level? And what will they decide to do with the empty lot down the road?
As a player you will be subjected to verbal and physical rules about how you can interact with the other players. You will be an active part in defining what story you are creating, and you will unfold your character during the game.

Download The Home Owners Association.

Marie Skouenborg is a Danish scenario writer who previously wrote the game Udsigten fra Sprogø for the Danish convention Fastaval. Her second scenario for Fastaval, The Home owner’s Association, won awards both as best scenario and for best characters. In her everyday life she lives in the the suburbs close to Copenhagen, and even though she write about a home owner association, she is not part of one, do not know her neighbors and has a front yard that is a wild mess.