Seems Only Yesterday

Friendship – Nostalgia – Conflict

There were once five friends in the small town who seemed to do everything together, to think the same on most things, and sometimes to be for all intents and purposes as a single person. All for one and one for all.

The school years are long gone now. Four of the old friends meet again to say goodbye to Greg who has passed away – and make a decision about the common property that has been left to them in his last will. They may try to feel like no time has passed, but ten years without a word have carried them in very different directions.

The larp has partially pre-made characters who discover their similarities and differences through four acts with growing conflict which is finally resolved through memory scenes set by the players themselves. The game is mostly verbal, with a lot of conversation and narration using different visual prompts to fuel the story.

By: Lauma Klintsone
Duration: 4 hours
Number of players: 4

Download the scenario: Seems Only Yesterday

Lauma Klintsone is an English teacher from Latvia. She started fantasy-larping as a teenager and encountered Nordic larp during Larpwriter Summer School in 2013.