Fidelity – Choice – Temptation

Doubt is two stories about each other. It is one life and one play: Tom and Julia love each other. Both on stage and off. You decide the fate of Tom and Julia. And perform the play through to its final act. Two players play Tom and two play Julia. And extras. And lovers. Whatever that means.

Doubt touches on issues such as temptation and the importance to love and be loved. About how sharing a life can be both about constant choices or the complete absence thereof. About what it means to live with someone, but at the same time think of others.

In Doubt, the players are responsible for creating the story through a schema and a set of simple rules. Much of the story will be decided through planning before playing, but the important things will be decided in-game, by Tom and Julia themselves, as they manifest in the bodies of whatever players hide behind them for a little while. Commonly, at some point, the story comes alive and puts its fat finger on your subconscious life.

Uncover your own true thoughts on fidelity through play. And then, suddenly, you kiss.

By: Tobias Wrigstad and Fredrik Åkerlind
Duration: 4 hours
Number of players: 4

Download the scenario in English here.