What Is Love?

Relationships – feel-good – karaoke

We all have different ideas about the essence of love. This game tells the story of how these ideas shape the encounters between a group of karaoke enthusiasts meeting up for their annual club competition. You are welcomed to dance, discuss, play around, be true to yourself, laugh, cry – and sing if you want.

What Is Love? This is an urgent question for this year’s participants in the annual competition of the karaoke club. In fact, much more urgent than the competition itself. Because after all, pop music is about what you feel when you listen to your heart. And about what happens when you meet others who do not at all feel the same way, but still have the power to move you.

Join a silly and serious game about the nature of love. What Is Love welcomes you to dance, discuss philosophy, play around with clichés, be true to yourself, laugh, cry – and sing if you want.

By: Tova Gerge & Mikael Hansén Goobar
Duration: 3,5 hours
Number of players: 10

Download the scenario:
In English: What Is Love?
In Swedish: What Is Love?

Tova Gerge’s and Mikael Hansén Goobar’s common interest in pop music, game theory and love stories are ingredients in their first cowritten scenario. When they don’t write scenarios together, Tova works with performing arts (which has strongly influenced her methods as a game maker) and Mikael with education (where he sometimes uses roleplaying as a didactic tool). They have both written numerous essays about how imagined and real bodies matter to game design.