It’s just a Stage

Performance – Co-creation – Shared history

A theatre company await the performance of their farewell show – an autobiographical piece, looking back at their own dramatic and turbulent history as a performing group. After, the company will disband. But they haven’t finished writing the show, yet…

It’s Just a Stage is about performance – did you give your best in the role you were cast in, both onstage and off-stage? Which mask did you wear before the public? – before your lovers, friends and rivals? – before the mirror?

This larp is created by the players. You will build your characters together, adding personality details and interrelationships to the skeletons that we’ve designed for you. You might choose to play close to home, perhaps to explore some of the various roles that you perform. Or you might play someone quite different – perhaps to get an insight into the performance demands of a different kind of life. How much blood will you leave on the stage? How much makeup will you leave on your face? How many layers will you unpeel?

For people who want to create a shared history and to then discover its consequences. Laughter and love will mix with jealousy and rage, comedy with tragedy – but remember, It’s Just a Stage.

By: Karolina Sołtys and Mo Holkar (uk)
Duration: 3 hour
Number of players: 10-15

Premiere at Stockholm Scenario Festival 2016.

Download the scenario here.

Karolina is relatively new to the hobby, but she makes up for it with enthusiasm: she spends most of her free time designing, organising, playing and writing about larps, focusing mostly on Nordic-style larps.

Mo is a British larper who brought his These Are the Days of Our Lives to Stockholm Scenario Festival 2015. He’s currently most interested in fusing Nordic-larp techniques and thematic approaches with structures from tabletop storygames. In real life Mo works in a business that publishes chamber larps in the form of murder mystery party games.

Karolina and Mo are members of London-based design group The Game Kitchen, and It’s Just a Stage is their first collaboration.