A Rake’s Progress

A_Rakes_Progress_bildDance – Duels – Tragedy
By: Christian Schneider & Salme Vanhanen
Duration: 4 hours
Number of players: 4, 8, or 12

Gambling, duelling, dancing, and countless romantic adventures – this was the life of the Rake. In the 18th century, the public was both shocked and delighted by their roguish exploits and rebellious adventures. And while their stories usually ended with retribution for their transgressions, they sure had a good time until then.

In A Rake’s Progress, players will take turns to play such adventurous characters, inspired by literary and historical characters, acting out their scandalous rise and tragic fall. They will also in turn play the rake’s allies, enemies and victims, coming together in vibrant ballroom scenes and grim duels. The Rake can only exist surrounded by a society he can romance and rebel against, whose rules he can break.

A Rake’s Progress is a black box scenario set in a romanticised 18th century. The scenario is played by groups of four players with all groups playing simultaneously in the same room. Players mainly interact within their respective group, but intermission scenes are played together by everyone.

Download A Rake’s Progress by Christian Schneider & Salme Vanhanen

Salme Vanhanen has been larping a lot since 2004. Her favourite thing about the 18th century is the beautiful rococo fashion.

Christian Schneider has only been larping for about three years. His favourite thing about the 18th century is the invention of the guillotine.