Beautiful Dreamer

Mother/Daughter relationship – Growing up – Forgiveness
By: Niklas Disefalk
Duration: 2 hours
Number of players: 2

Beautiful Dreamer is a science fiction time travel story that takes place in the near future. But it is also a personal story.

A young dying mother sacrifices everything in order to be able to see her daughter growing up. She manages to visit her daughter during a few key moments of her life. The visits are sometimes sad, and sometimes beautiful. They are given a life time together, but their lives are torn apart. It is a life time chopped up in small, short moments.

This scenario is about the relationship between a mother and a daughter. From the child’s boundless love, to the teenage daughter’s emotional liberation process, and so on through life.

What is a parent willing to sacrifice to get to see her child grow up, and who pays the price? Who do we become when we grow up, and how are we shaped by the choices our parents make?

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Niklas Disefalk liked to explore his real life anxieties and worries within the safe world of larps and role playing games. He loved scenarios rooted in reality that process topics like parenthood, family, relationships, aging, and our society. Beautiful Dreamer was his first and only scenario, and it is no surprise that it explores parenthood and a parents’ relationship to her child.