The Replacement

The_Replacement_bildFamily – Social roles – Magical realism
By: Karolina Soltys
Duration: 3 hours
Number of players: 4

The Replacement is set in the real world with one magical realistic element: people can decide to find someone to take over their life, similar to how one would seek a replacement tenant to take over a flat rental contract. The Replacement is supposed to take over all the social and professional roles the Replaced was performing, and the Replaced is meant to forever stay away from their previous life.

People choose to seek a Replacement for a variety of reasons: midlife crisis spurring them towards a radical life change, terminal illness, wanting to commit suicide, in order to start a new family with the person they had an affair with, etc. Similarly, there is more than one reason for why people choose to become Replacements. In most cases, their previous lives were in some way disappointing, to the extent that taking over a life advertised in the classifieds section of the local paper becomes an appealing prospect.

The characters are a family where one of the members chooses to get Replaced, and their Replacement. The larp will span over several months, encompassing the transition process.

Download The Replacement by Karolina Soltys

Karolina Soltys lives on a houseboat in London, trying to make ends meet as a larp designer of both in person and online larps. Some of her previous works include Our Last Year, Together Forever, Arsenic & Lies and The Glimpse.