Dance the Macabray

Death – Dance – Relationships
By: Frida Lindegren & Sofia Stenler
Duration: 4 hours
Number of players: 12-24


The dead are leaving their graveyard to dance with the living, one last time. Heavily inspired by a chapter in Neil Gaiman’s the Graveyard Book, Dance the Macabray is a story about the struggle to leave people you love, the sorrow of being left, the unfinished which chafes and the magical chance to meet again. Through dance we pass through sorrow and grief, in search of what is needed to move on, out in life or into the great beyond.

Rich man, poor man, come away. Come to dance the Macabray.
Time to work and time to play. Time to dance the Macabray.
One and all will hear and stay Come and dance the Macabray
All must dance the Macabray

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Sofia Stenler holds a Ph.D in gene therapy and a black belt in Jujutsu. She has designed games such Restriction in the #Feminist anthology, and larps such as UnderStockholm and Last Will.

Frida Lindegren is a psychology student, larp lecturer, experienced gamemaster and game designer of among many things Restriction in the #Feminist anthology.