Under my skin

Fidelity – love – Temptation

A group of friends get together and secret loves and passions erupt. Partners and lovers have to face up to their fears and jealousies as they find that time has taken its toll on their relationships. Passions rage and lovers see whether their relationships will last or crumble under the pressures of temptation over a potential new love.

A scenario with pre-game character creation/workshopping. An opportunity to create characters that are “close to home”, incorporating real world issues of relevance to the player. Some players will be paired in a relationship, others will be single, and “new flames” are randomly selected. Characters test and examine their relationships and lives.

Queer, trans and polyamorous friendly.

By: Emily Care Boss
Duration: 4-6 hours
Number of players: 4-8

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Emily Care Boss writes American freeform scenarios including scenarios such as the Remodel, King Wen’s Tower, Last Chance Noir and Under my Skin. She collaborated with Matthijs Holter on Play With Intent, which steals from larp, freeform, improv and tabletop role play. Emily lives in Massachusetts, USA, where she conserves land for a living. Emily’s games are found at Black & Green Games.