Easter – a Tragedy

Family – Repetition – Stagnation
A family of four only meet once a year for easter dinner. They all love each other, because that is what families do. Therefore they keep their secrets to themselves, because that is what families do. To save their faces and to save the family.

Through a series of yearly easter dinners, they desperate attempt to keep this up and the family together. They keep the mood nice and cozy. Established traditions are mandatory. No conflict or crisis since they could have disastrous consequences and break all family ties forever.

The characters will evolve over the years from sad to tragic figures in a game where they either keep their problems to themselves or they will be the catalyst to the destruction of their family. There can be no happy ending or relief.

Easter is a tragedy with absurdly humorous undertones.

By: Tim Slumstrup Aunkilde
Duration: 2 hours
Number of players: 4

Download the scenario here: Easter a Tragdy

Tim has written more scenarios for conventions than he has fingers. He has his comfort zone within the table based roleplaying scene but has ventured into the larping community on several occasions. In his everyday life Tim is an archeologist and biological anthropologist. He lives in Copenhagen with his wife and their cat. Tim loves to dance and sing and does both poorly.