Just Give Me A Reason

Relationships — Conflict — Silent play
By:Emma Öhrström Wedberg & Jacob Ordeberg (swe)
Duration: 1 hours
Number of players: 4


Just Give Me A Reason explores the relationship between two characters as they try to find reasons to stay together in the midst of a conflict. The scenario relies heavily on physical play and silent acting.

The setting is an argument between the characters over one or a number of issues in their relationship. Each of the characters is played by two persons, one who acts the character and who is intent on pursuing the conflict between the them, and one player that through silent acting and physical intervention plays the part of the character that cherises the relationship and longs to connect with the other character.

Download: Just Give Me A Reason – English

Download: Just Give Me A Reason – Swedish


Emma Öhrström Wedberg has been larping and organising/producing larps since the early 90s. She enjoys transparency, drama, elements of silent play and meta techniques. She is a birth geek from Stockholm who likes dancing and a lot of tv series.

Jacob Ordeberg has been larping on and off since the mid-90s, and is currently kindling a curiosity about the nature of immersive play. He lives in a collective with four cats and a number of fellow humans.