Glamourous Night

Glamourous_Nights_bildMind control – Contact improvisation – Trauma recovery
By: Jon Cole
Duration: 6 hours
Number of players: 8-40

Glamourous Night is about hurting others, and having a chance to redeem yourself. It is an abstract, mostly non verbal game that is played to music. Players use two movement techniques to resolve their character’s conflicts, either mutual spell casting, or mind control. Players will be on their feet and moving during most of the three hour workshop and the two hour game. The setting is a fantastical medieval Europe where all the folk tales are true.

The play experience has a dreamlike quality, where two people might have an interaction and come away with different ideas about what happened. The mostly non verbal techniques are based on Spellbound’s Ars Rego, and contract improv. Ars Rego mind control feels like a seductive domination of will, and focuses on eye contact. Mutual spellcasting is based on contact improv, which feels like playful, connected exploration.

Powerful magical beings go on an accidental journey between dimensions. They are tempted to mind control each other before escaping, scarred. Only True Love can break mind control bonds and redeem their actions. Finally, each character decides which of the three dimensions they will make their new home.

Download Glamourous Night by Jon Cole

Jon Cole first fell in love with emotionally affecting meta techniques and Ninaform at Fastaval. When he’s not roleplaying, Jon studies contact improv, consensual power exchange, and recovery from trauma.