Therapy – Internal Conflicts – Multiple Personality Disorder

In a clinic, treating personality disorders, four patients are all haunted by their troubled past. During a few intense hours the eight players try to capture the damaging struggle between personalities. This is a scenario about accepting or rejecting conflicting parts of ourselves.

The scenario has four characters, and is written for eight players. You will share a character with another player – each of you playing one of the character’s two personalities. Each scene will have its own game mechanic and throughout the scenario you and your fellow players will be guided by game masters, in the role of therapists.

In their group therapy the characters will gradually get more in contact with their conflicting personality and as the game goes on, the two aspects will get more and more interaction. It could be in a friendly or a conflicting way. All of the personalities are haunted by hurtful memories, which in many ways define their lives. The players will gradually recollect and discover these memories throughout the game.

The intent of the scenario is not to depict the much-debated diagnosis multiple personality disorder, or how real psychological treatment is done. Rather, the scenario is designed to picture how we all struggle with our inner selves.

By: Gustav Nilsson and Staffan Fladvad
Duration: 5 hours
Number of players: 8

Download the scenario here.