The Vision


Faith – Memory – Growing up
By: Laura Wood
Duration: 4 hours
Number of players: 4 players

The Vision follows Imelda, Thomas, John, and Magella as they live a life altered by the claim they made as children, that they were chosen to receive a vision of Mary, mother of Jesus. Using scene prompts, the larp enables players to tell the story of the next 40 years of the characters’ lives, including what the vision meant to them, the nature of childhood belief, and what adulthood looks like as when one of the most significant experiences of your life could have been a game of make believe or a holy miracle.

This larp explores personal faith, memory, and the sometimes subtle and sometimes dramatic impact of childhood experience has on adult life.

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About the author
Laura Wood is an organizer at Larps on Location and was an organizer of The Smoke: London’s Internationational larp festival. She believes in the power of co-creation to bring people together, and in the potential of larps to create social change.