When Friendship Deepens

When_Friendship_Deepens_bildFriendship – Emotions – Repetition
By: Joel Grimm & Gustav Nilsson
Duration: 3 hours
Number of players: 4-30 (even numbers)

An emotionally intense scenario about creating friendship. You will play two close friends in the same pair for the whole scenario. A few scenes will be played many times, and between each scene you will get to briefly reflect upon what you did during the scene, that affected your friendship. Hopefully you will get better and better at finding the fragile moments when friendship happens.

Download When_Friendship_Deepens by Joel Grimm & Gustav Nilsson

Joel Grimm has been a larper and a larp writer for a long time. Games he has written includes Mulholland Larp, Waiting, Macbeth the Larp, Silent Screams, When Friendship Deepens, and Deathville.

Gustav Nilsson has a long history of writing and producing short form larps. He has a passion for non verbal scenarios with positive themes.