Night Terror

Nightmares – Insanity – Screaming
By: Jesper Heebøll Arbjørn
Duration: 4 hours
Number of players: 9 – 12


“I woke up and he was screaming, I’d left him dreaming.
I’ll roll over and shake him tightly, and whisper;
‘If they want you, oh, they’re gonna have to fight me.’
– Night Terror by Laura Marling –

“Night Terror” is a larp about sacrificing yourself and your sanity for your loved one. It’s an emotional horror story about entering the nightmares of another person to fight their inner demons. Finding out who they really are. And getting lost in the process.

It is a physical larp where you will explore the dream space in search of memories. The larp will change between verbal and non-verbal play style, as the dreamer and caretaker gradually sink deeper into the nightmare, and then there will be some scenes with very loud screams of horror.

The larp centers around the sleep disorder called night terror, which is different from nightmares. There are certain things you should not do to a person suffering from a night terror, and those things are exactly what we will do in the larp.

The larp is not scary. Even if it has nightmarish content, it is not meant to scare players.

Jesper Heebøll Arbjørn is the main organiser and founder of Blackbox Cph. He has larped for more than 20 years and have organised larps both large and small, including a couple of small black box larps, as well as a larger black box larp called “Delirium”.