Everything but the Whole Truth

Subjectiveness – Co-storytelling – Card-driven
Henrik Isaksson
Duration: 1 hour
Number of players: 2

In this scenario, two players will explore an event through a series of monologues and scenes performed in a subjective perspective. There is a perpetrator and a victim. Or maybe both are perpetrators or victims? There is also an objective truth, but we will really only be able to guess it. There is no fixed script – the players improvise the story using the game’s framework.

At the beginning of the scenario, players jointly select starting preferences for the scenario. During each scene, players will change what has happened / what will happen by moving, introducing new ones or removing cards. These symbolize that the “truth” about what happened shifts, by either telling something else, lying, or just looking at the event differently. In the end, you will have told a common story, where very little is common.

Download Everything_but_the_Whole_Truth by Henrik Isaksson
Everything_but_the_Whole_Truth (Swedish)

Long time Scenario Festival participant, first time SSF-writer.