Mulholland Larp

Meta – Dreams – Love

A fast-paced game inspired by the movie director David Lynch. We use music, light and different techniques to construct a story like no other. The game is divided into scenes and we travel from despair to hope and from love to hate and back again. What is the difference between the winner and the loser and what happens if we turn it all around?

2/3 of the players are main characters and 1/3 of the players take many different roles. We divide the room with tape so that small groups can play the same scene at the same time and be inspired by each other. Techniques that we learn in the beginning of the game will be used to enhance the experience. You do not need to know anything about David Lynch to participate in the game but if you want to prepare you can always watch the movie that inspired it: Mulholland drive.
The game will be played in Swedish.

By: Joel Östlund
Duration: 4 hours
Number of players: 9-30

Download the scenario in Swedish here.

2 thoughts on “Mulholland Larp”

  1. This one sounds interesting (hey, David Lynch!) But unfortunately only in Swedish, and Google translate is not Swedish friendly. Is there an English translation available?
    Thanks in advance
    Jan-Willem Kaagman

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