Expedition Öreälven

Friendship — Betrayal — Panic
By:Sabina Sonning & Lena Levin & Gustav Tegby (swe)
Duration: 1 hours
Number of players: 4


The canoes are pulled up on the bank and the water is a glimmering mirror behind the foliage. It’s been a fantastic river tour through the nordic landscape, with exploding autumn colors and the warm sun on our backs. The four of us are spread out in front of the crackling fire, savouring the last taste of the buttered chanterelles on flatbread. There we lie, content and relaxed on our blankets, gazing into the flames.
I rifle through my backpack and pull out a bottle of single malt. The other laugh and applaud my foresight as I pass the bottle around for them to fill their cups. I look at them, one after the other. During college in Umeå, these were my absolute best friends, and we’ve been through so much together.
Then we graduated and what usually happens did; one moved to Stockholm, another went to university or moved abroad. Our ways parted. It’s been 10 years, but we’ve finally found a way to meet again, all four. It was my idea to go camping and it really paid off. I suck on the crisp air and feel the warmth of the whiskey spread through my worked through limbs. The sky above us is filled with stars and in the faces of my friends, the flames are dancing. How wonderful to be here, these people fill me with love!

How about setting up the tent!” I suggest, getting up to pull it out from the pile of backpacks next to the canoes. We all purchased the four bed tent together this morning at the outdoor store, a real deal on sale. I pull it out of the sack and roll it over the ground. Then I freeze.
What the…
Three pair of eyes turn my way.
It’s just a two bedder! God darn imbeciles at the outdoor shop sold us the wrong one!“.
No one says a word.
Good for us there’s a clear sky, it will be a nice night under the stars“! I say, laughing a little, trying to lighten up the mood but sounding a bit forced.
Or not….,” I hear a voice behind me. “….according to the weather forecast we can expect a hail storm in just about 45 min.

Download in Swedish: Expedition Öreälven

Sabina Sonning is a UX designer currently in media and a role player since 1998. She likes to larp a lot of feelings wearing ambitious attire.
Lena Levin works with organizational development and is a wannabe author. She has role played and larped since the 90’s and was a main organizer of the larp Ockulta Medborgarbyrån.
Gustav Tegby is a playwright and was a main organizer of the larp Ockulta Medborgarbyrån.