Cyborg Gaia Allies

Cyborg_Gaia_AlliesCollaborative – Worldbuilding – Transformative
By: Lina Persson & Josephine Rydberg
Duration: 2h
Number of players: A number divisible by 3 (3/6/9)

Your character is alarmed by the approaching climate collapse, and concerned about biodiversity and ecological sustainability. But word battles in the media exhaust you, as does activism and corporate sabotage.

Lately you’ve been having dreams, and as you wake up, a sense of purpose and clarity just about manages to leave as you become fully awake.

You keep an object at your bedside table, and holding it calms you.

Then one morning, you wake up and remember everything. You’ve chosen to listen to a calling, a calling that will manifest in the near future. You feel happy that the longing and frustration you’ve experienced will come to an end, and you will have a chance to fulfill your purpose and full potential.

When the calling arrives, it is not particularly dramatic or mysterious, but in the shape of a rather prosaic email titled “Cyborg Gaia calling”. The email leads you to the meeting, that is the scenario.

Download Cyborg Gaia Allies by Lina Persson & Josephine Rydberg

Lina Persson is a researcher and visual artist with main focus on landscapes, environments, world building, and natural elements as active agents. She often works with animation and with interventions in different organisations.

Josephine Rydberg is a crossmedia developer for Region Gävleborg (Gävleborg County Council), and a phd candidate at Stockholm University of the Arts, working on projects that explore “Dramaturgy for Participatory Practices”.