Changing friends

Friendship – Change – Family

This is a low-key history about how friendship change when people enter into their teens. How best friends from the past are replaced, the sudden realization that your BFF is such a dork, or mean and evil – or even cool in a way that you will never be. Estrangement. Everything changes. Including you.
The game uses techniques to shift focus between the different characters and how they see themselves, their friends, and how they change. We get to explore their different home situations, the reactions of their family members to their change. And sometimes even understand why these changes come about.

The methods, the characters and the social game between them are key in the game. We focus on their mutual relationships, how friendships are formed and split up, and the social environment in a small town. Social realism is the playing style. The impact is in the small – things in the social sphere. To not show up at the café as usual is a knife in your former best friend’s heart.

Another important part of the game is how focus shifts between the different characters and their stories. The players will play multiple characters and ideas that sprung into mind playing one character can be executed when playing another. Methods that we use for this is shifting story focus by handing over a symbolic prop and by playing each others’ family members as extras. Different “in-game” places will also be used to shift the social situation and who is strong or weak in the social context.

By: Patrik Bálint
Duration: 4 hours
Number of players: 4-6
Rising star 2013 – New scenario!

Download the scenario in Swedish here.