Tour of Duty

Military culture – Combat trauma – Sexual violence

A collaborative freeform storytelling game where players work together to describe the experience of a single female soldier serving active combat duty for the US military.

In the game, players work in the round to describe the life of a female soldier through five collage-like “scenes”, each exploring a theme that is likely to shape her experience of duty. The game is intentionally non-immersive, scenes are contained and non-linear, and ownership of the story is shared to allow the players to investigate difficult themes (combat trauma, sexual violence, rape, recovery) with a bit of buffering distance.

By: Moyra Turkington (CA)
Duration: 1 hour
Number of players: 2-5

Download the scenario here.

Moyra Turkington is a Canadian larpwright and game designer. She is the creator and curator of War Birds, a collection of games about the experience ad contribution of women in WWII. She is interested in immersive, transformative and political games, and particularly in creating a multiplicity of media, design, representation and play.