Dementia – Family – Bleed
By: Klaus Meier Olsen (dk)
Duration: 4 hours
Number of players: 4


Lise has dementia and disappears slowly from the world, while her family watches helplessly. The scenario follows Lise’s husband and three adult children during the last year before she is admitted to a nursing home, while the disease is steadily worsened and bit by bit rips their lives apart.

Gone is a scenario about loss. About seeing the one you love disappear in cruel drips. But it is also a scenario about finding yourself during the tragedy, becoming someone else and about a family bonding.

The mood is tragic and the playing style slow and linering. A scene can have a lot of silence.

Gone won Best Scenario, Best Presentation and The Audience Award at Fastaval 2018.

Download: Gone

Klaus has written free form scenarios since 2000. Mostly for the Danish convention Fastaval. This year he has once again failed miserably in his attempts to retire from roleplaying. In real life he works as a consultant within leadership development and organizational change.