The Arrangement


Family – Courtship – Expectations
By: Karolina Soltys
Duration: 2 hours
Number of players: 5-6

A family drama in a world that is very much like our own, but where one particular societal norm is different: romantic partners/marriage candidates are by default suggested by people’s families (rather than found organically, through friend groups or online). Why risk dating a stranger you met in a bar, when your mum’s co-worker’s son apparently shares your interests and has a good sense of humour?

Also, taking into account your parents’ suggestions will strengthen the bond between your families, which in turn will surely benefit your future marriage. The rare cases of people eloping cause huge rifts within their families, and of course most of these marriages don’t last very long. In short: trust your parents since they only want your happiness, and they know what’s best for you!

The larp explores themes like: the growing dependence young adults have on their parents, worrying about your adult children, and dating when you’re to some extent neurodivergent. Do not expect play on extreme oppression, this is not a larp about forced marriages – the families are only suggesting good candidates. The families of the prospective couple really want their best, and the young nerdy misfits might have struggled to find love on their own.

About the author
Karolina Soltys lives on a houseboat in London, trying to make ends meet as a larp designer of both in person and online larps. Some of her previous works include Our Last Year, The Castle, Together Forever, Arsenic & Lies and The Glimpse.