Relationships – Distance – Soldiers’ wives

Every time Jesper leaves, he writes letters to all of us in case he doesn’t return. One for his parents, one for each of the kids, and one for me. We keep them in sealed envelopes and hang them with magnets on the fridge. We keep them there until the day we pick him up at the airport. As a ritual, we throw them into a bin when we see him walk through customs. Several times, Jesper has asked me to write a letter of my own. “That is so you can better understand my thought process”, he says. Every time I refuse.

Jesper, Simon and Kenneth are stationed in the Danish army in Afghanistan. They will be there for six months and all communication with their loved ones will take place through unstable telephone lines and bad internet connections. Meanwhile, Anne-Mette, Camilla and Josephine take care of things at home. Distance is the story about how the three marriages are affected by the husband’s’ absence.

The scenario is played out through short stand-alone scenes showing highlights spread out over all six months.

The story focuses on the wives and life at home. There are snapshots of busy days and anxious nights waiting for a phone call that never comes. There is awkward Skype sex and confrontations. There are episodes of meeting new men, sometimes in the form of unwanted sexual advances, other times igniting new sparks of attraction.

Each of the players has a leading role as one of the three wives and a number of supporting roles, including the three soldiers.

By: Morten Jaeger
Duration: 4 hours
Number of players: 3

Download the scenario here: Distance

Morten Jaeger comes from the Danish freeform scene and is an experience Fastaval author who have written 14 scenarions over the years. When it comes to genre and style, Morten is quite diverse, but always enjoys creating strong well-rounded characters.