The Nano-Games

We picked a few short games, new and old, and mixed a slot of 1 hour nano-games. These scenarios you will be able to sign up to at the festival.

DaDa Means Nothing
Dadada – Pluplubasch – Tzara
DaDa is a new tendency in larp. One can tell this from the fact that until now nobody knew anything about it, and tomorrow everyone in Knutpunkt will be talking about it. Dada comes from the dictionary. It is terribly simple. In French it means “hobby horse”. In German it means “good-bye”, “Get off my back”, “Be seeing you sometime”. In Romanian: “Yes, indeed, you are right, that’s it. But of course, yes, definitely, right”. And so forth. Read more. 
By: Jon Back (swe)

Fake News
Fantasy – Light-hearted – Political
A delightful fantasy realm has fallen to a tyrannical despot. You work for the new regime, spinning awful news stories to make them seem more favourable! It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it… How far can you trust your colleagues? What will happen to you, if heroes topple your ghastly boss? Read more.
By: Mo Holkar (UK)

Get into his/her head
Norms — Relationship — Meta techniques
Their birthday party, her job. He will decide, she will agree, then you switch characters. A short scenario about norms, power and the things that they never said. An opportunity to experience the stereotypical, heterosexual couples fight by replaying the same scene as both characters. Read more.
By: Elli Garperian & Elina Andersson (swe)

Surreal – Experimental – Still
Hypnopompia is a short, experimental scenario about how dreams are created. It’s a story without beginning and end, a weave of dreams that you’ve previously had. It’s a limitless journey that make together, behind the eyelids of one of you. Read more.
By: Gustav Edman (swe)

Willful Disregard
Sex – Love – Expectations
She wants love, he wants sex. We follow their relationship from first meeting, first date and to the bitter end. They meet, have sex – and do inner monologues. How do you make it work when it is broken from the beginning? Read more.
By: Anna Westerling (swe)