Scenarios 2015

Here we present the scenarios of 2015. It will be a a mix of old scenarios and newly written material, a wide variety of themes and different expressions and game mechanics. We have been looking for a clear premise and a tight narrative that are key ingredients to creating great experiences for you.

The scenarios will all be written down, re-playable and playable without the writers present. There should be no preparations for the participants and all props (if any) shall be provided by the organizers. As a participant you should just get the good stuff; to play and have a great experience.

Here we proudly present the line up of scenarios of 2015.

Beyond the Barricades
Idealism – Doubt – Choices
It is 1832 and you have had enough. Enough with the oppression and the injustice. You have planned for months. The time for action is now. You feel the people rise and fight by your side as you run towards the barricades. The uprising has begun. Long live the revolution! Read more.
By: Eva Wei & Rosalind Göthberg

Music – Love – Madness
Set in the romantic era Deranged is played out through the landmark events of the 19th century composers Clara Wiecks’, Robert Schumann’s, Felix Mendelssohn’s, and Johannes Brahms’ closely interwoven lives – filled with love, madness, and brilliance. The scenario is structured as a piece of chamber music with scenes as the score and classical music to create an uninterrupted style of play to engulf and seduce you. Read more.
By: Maria & Jeppe Bergmann Hamming

Relationships – Distance – Soldiers’ wives
Three men stationed in the Danish army in Afghanistan for six months. Three partners at home, taking care of things and living their lives. All communication take place through unstable telephone lines and bad internet connections. How are the relationships affected by the distance? How do they communicate when he might die, and she is living her ordinary life? Read more.
By: Morten Jaeger

Alcoholism – Decline – Family
Drunk is a game based on a book written in second person to explore alcoholism from within. Drunk follows your decline – a father and husband – in the form of flashbacks during your intoxicated suicide. You switch charachters, you drink to move the game forward, and you die. Read more.
By: Tobias Wrigstad

Easter – a Tragedy
Family – Repetition – Stagnation
A family of four only meet once a year for a family dinner. They all love each other, because that is what families do. Therefore they keep their secrets to themselves, to save face and to save the family. Easter is a game where the unsaid is more important than the said. And much more dangerous. Read more.
By: Tim Slumstrup Aunkilde

Love in the Age of Debasement
Body Language – Eye Contact – The Condition of Love
A café. A city. Couples meeting. It’s the Love with the big L. It’s the moment when they realise that their crisis is a fact. What does it take to make love prevail, and after all, is it really worth it? A classic larp about talking, touching, silence and emotions. Read more.
By: Erlend Eidsem Hansen & Co-writer Geir Tore Brekke

Making Silence/Breaking Silence
Abuse – Gender-violence – Misogyny
Making Silence/Breaking Silence is a about domestic violence. The game explores a few dynamics of abuse situations: the confusing nature of domestic violence, the difficulty a victim encounters while leaving an abusive relationship, and the culturally prevalent tolerance for domestic violence. Hopefully this will expose cultural narratives regarding domestic abuse for what they are: oppressive, ignorant, and harmful. Read more.
By: Tayler Stokes

Mom, Dad & Sophie
Family – Divorce – Hard Choices
Sophie is about 12 years old and her parents are getting divorced. This is not a happy divorce. Her parents will pull her each in their own direction. A gamemasterless scenario for three players where you can win the divorce, but what have you sacrificed for it? Read more.
By: Stefan Skriver Lægteskov & Kristian Bach Petersen

Fast-paced – Surreal – Office
Papers is playful and surreal experience at a company visited by management consultants. The game caricatures corporate culture in a fun and fast-paced way, using music and rituals in a cartoonish way to energize the players. Are you ready to go from good to great? Read more.
By: Petter Karlsson & Martin Rother-Schirren

Reality – Fantasy- Desperation
A man and a woman are trying to repair their crumbling relationship by building a house. But as the unrealistic project grows out of hand the man and the woman creates their own separate fantasy world drifting further and further from reality. Read more.
By: Kristoffer Lindh & Amelie Rother-Shirren

Seems Only Yesterday
Friendship – Nostalgia – Conflict
Four best friends meet again after many years of silence. Through four acts and several memory scenes we find out how they have changed and how they are still the same.
By: Lauma Klintsone

Six Months, Three Days
Love – Clairvoyance – Fate
An adaption of Charlie Jane Anders’ award winning story, the game tells the story of one relationship between the only two clairvoyants in the world. Tomorrow, they go on a date, even if they know the end. With a special deck of cards and no gamemaster the game explores the tension between love and fear, destiny and free will. Read more.
By: Sara Williamson and James Stuart

Summer Lovin’
Sex – Awkwardness – Rock ‘n’ Roll
Three girls, three guys and the stories about who did what and with whom during a big summer music festival. We will get the story as told by the girls, as told by the guys and then finally played out as it really happened. It’s summer lovin’ and tell me more. Read more.
By: Trine Lise Lindahl, Elin Nilsen, Anna Westerling

The Black Pram
Supernatural – Player-driven – Intense
A young couple with their first child. A dark figure waiting outside their house every night. The sounds. The creeping coldness. The fear. A choice that cannot be avoided. In this creepy supernatural story the players will take the role of the parents and their two friends, as they slowly realize what has to be done. Read more.
By: Alex Uth

The Last Adventure
Fantasy – Tragedy – Realism
A moving and tragic story about the daily life of the lost kids. When their violent, alcoholic parents collapse the kids flee to an imaginary island. They go on adventures with their invisible friend and overcome his Nemesis. But imagination and reality collide and the kids are forced to choose. Read more.
By: Max Møller

The Testimony
Truth – Antisemitism – Genocide
When your neighbour becomes your enemy, your accuser or your executioner. When the perpetrators write the history and blame the others, the occupants or even the victims. What happens to the truth? Without it there is no real memory and what happened in Europe in 1941 must never be forgotten. Read more.
By: Susanne Gräslund & Anders Hultman

These Are the Days of Our Lives
Women – Friends – Getting older
A group of women meet as teenagers, and journey together into middle age. Life will throw events at them, good and bad: they’ll turn to each other for support. Expect comic and tragic moments, light-hearted enjoyment and serious concern and grief. Adventure into friendship, love, and the drama of real life. Read more.
By: Mo Holkar

What Is Love?
Relationships – feel-good – kareoke
We all have different ideas about the essence of love. This game tells the story of how these ideas shape the encounters between a group of kareoke enthusiasts meeting up for their annual club competition. You are welcomed to dance, discuss, play around, be true to yourself, laugh, cry – and sing if you want. Read more.
By: Tova Gerge & Mikael Hansén Goobar