A Spotless Mind

Identity loss – Emotions – Reflection

How do people act and react when they don’t have any memory of who they or the people around them are? What happens to us when we stand with a spotless mind? What do we see as important? Who we have been before we lost ourselves? Or who we might become now, when all possibilities stands before us?

A Spotless Mind is about the core meaning of the concept of identity. It explores what happens when the building blocks that make up our identity is removed and/or rearranged. The larp explores what happens when the person we’ve been, the person we are and the person we might become, not necessarily need to be dependent on each other. Who will you be when the three our separate choices?

By: Simon Larsson (swe)
Duration: 2-3 hours
Number of players: 10

Download the scenario in Swedish here.

Simon Larsson works as a teacher and loves to use music as an inspiration for telling stories. He likes scenarios that relates to the concept of identity and that makes the players think about their own view of the concept after the game. He has previously written All a Facade for Stockholm Scenario Festival 2013 and the scenario The Last Time.