The Girlfriends

Destructiveness – Group dynamics – Heteronormativity
By: Elin Gissén and Rosalind Göthberg
Duration: 3 hours
Number of players: 4

You are the girlfriends of members of a criminal gang and you’re having a party, just the four of you. You know each other through your boyfriends, that’s why you are friends. Your old friends didn’t understand your choices, they disapproved of your partners, and it got more and more difficult to keep them in your life. The other girlfriends get it. They know what it’s like to have a man who can do whatever he wants. Who is above the rules, and can bring you above them as well. And they know what it’s like to wait for a call, or a text, or any sign of life when he is on the job. Like tonight. Tonight their boyfriends are robbing a value transport.

“The Girlfriends” is a larp based on the book The Girlfriend (Flickvännen in Swedish) by Karolina Ramqvist. The purpose of the game is to tell a common story from a more uncommon perspective. We often read, see, hear, or play stories about criminal gang members, their victims or the police officers hunting after them, but not as often about their partners and families. The game explores themes such as heteronormativity, destructive relationships, group dynamics, secrets, and vital decisions.

Download: The Girlfriends

Rosalind Göthberg is a political science and human rights student, living in Uppsala. She has been larping since she was 13. For the past few years she has also been designing and organizing games like “Beyond the Barricades”, “Winson Green Prison”, “M/S Kristina” and “Den utan synd” (“The one without sin”). Most of her games have some sort of historical and/or political theme, often with a strong female narrative. Apart from designing, she also loves to cook for larps and larp events – for example Stockholm Scenario Festival.

Elin Gissén started larping in 2012 and has since played everything from Nordic angst to paintball slapstick. She has written scenarios for SSF, Grenselandet, Prolog, and The Smoke, and kicked off the gender-flipped version of “Mad About the Boy” called “It’s a Man’s World”. She also very much enjoys being an NPC or GM, generally working as many larps as she is playing. The themes that sparks her interest tends to be isolation, acceptance, and gender dynamics. When not larping she can be found in Uppsala, cuddling her cat, studying to become a librarian, and talking about public transport.