Fashion – Contest – Creation

“Girls, boys, arts, pleasure
Girls, boys, arts, pleasure
Paninaro, Paninaro, oh oh oh”

The finals of the world’s greatest fashion reality tv-show, Paninaro 2014.

Four talented fashion designers are ready to compete in an arena of fabrics, scissors and brocade, surrounded by hysteric tirades, strokes of genius and velour.

Enter a world of clothing and intrigue, to be challenged in new and creative ways, when the first place on the catwalk is on the line. A game of that is dead serious comedy with flamboyant roleplaying and cutthroat competition.

By: Kristian Bach Petersen & Oliver Nøglebæk
Duration: 2-3 hours
Number of players: 3-4

Download Paninaro here.

Kristian Petersen is 34, journalist, father of three and has since 2009 written a number of scenarios for Danish conventions, mainly Fastaval, and was from 2012-1013 Fastaval scenario coordinator. He larps very little and his favorite rpg-system/setting is Over the Edge from 1992. Find his scenarios here.

Oliver Nøglebæk is a landscape architect and larp scenographer who has designed several larps and tabletop scenarios, plus a lot in between the two. He likes to make games that go new places and touch people in a playful way. The best game he made was about disco dancing vampires. Find his scenarios here.