The Journey

Post-apocalyptic scene-based Jeepform

A desolate barren winter landscape. Metal wheels against rusty tracks and a perpetual pendulum. Hungry and exhausted. Strangers and shadows. Carrying shards of the past. Will they ever reach their destination? Is it only a dream? Hope is waning, fatigued. Only the name remains. The turning point.

Enter into an ominous post-apocalyptic world where you enter a journey to find hope and the Turning Point. A journey that with each step takes you further away from your goal and who you once were.

The journey – a scene-based scenario that takes the players for a dark and quiet ride through a frozen landscape in the shadows of the apocalypse of civilization. Focus is placed on depicting the fatalistic mood, barren dialogues and a constant tone of silence.

By: Fredrik Åkerlind
Duration: 4 hours
Number of players: 4

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Fredrik Åkerlind s a game designer, a larper and a part of the game design collectiv the Jeep. He has designed games since the beginning of 2000, an early game is for example Welcome to the suburbs. In later years he has designed games such as Doubt (2007) and the award-winning The Journey (2010). In everyday life Fredrik works with pedagogical games and has among other things designed a games about sexual transmitted diseases for teenagers.