Nano-games: Relationships

We challenged five teams of Swedish writers and scenario designers to create a new scenario each about relationships. It is confined to one hour or less, and written down in less than two pages. See the results below. All will premier on Stockholm Scenario Festival 2017.

Expedition Öreälven
Friendship — Betrayal — Panic
Four childhood friends sets out on a canoe expedition through a colourful autumn countryside. In the dark of night they are challenged by events that will put them to the test. A scenario about friendship, betrayal and who gets voted out. Read more.
By: Sabina Sonning & Lena Levin & Gustav Tegby (swe)

Get into his/her head
Norms — Relationship — Meta techniques
Their birthday party, her job. He will decide, she will agree, then you switch characters. A short scenario about norms, power and the things that they never said. An opportunity to experience the stereotypical, heterosexual couples fight by replaying the same scene as both characters. Read more.
By: Elli Garperian & Elina Andersson (swe)

In your steps
Parenting — Values — Improvisation
Everything’s packed away in moving boxes. They sit on the small bed, staring into nothing, waiting for the moving van. Soon the child’s going to leave and live it’s own life, but not quite yet. The parent still has time with the child, to teach the right things, to ask the right questions, to do better than it’s own parents. It’s a ritual that span over generations, but every time is different. Read more.
By: Frida Lindegren (swe)

Just Give Me A Reason
Relationships — Conflict — Silent play
Just Give Me A Reason explores the relationship between two characters as they try to find reasons to stay together in the midst of a conflict. The scenario relies heavily on physical play and silent acting. Read more.
By: Emma Öhrström Wedberg & Jacob Ordeberg (swe)

When Friendship Happens
Friendship — Repetition — Emotional
Two friends meet over and over again. By repeating the same scene several times you get to explore the fragile moments when friendship happens. Read more.
By: Gustav Nilsson & Joel Östlund (swe)