Joan the Vampire Slayer

Teen drama – Comedy – Buffyverse
By: Kristoffer Rudkjær and Mads L. Brynnum (dk)
Duration: 4 hours
Number of players: 5

Joan The Vampire Slayer is a game about 17 years old Joan. During the day she’s an ordinary high school student in the 50’s Midwest, but at night she fights vampires and other demons with her friends. The players take the roles of Joan and her friends, and together they are up against the main villain of the season. But it’s one thing to fight evil, and something else entirely to navigate through life as a teenager with all the drama it entails.

The game is obviously an homage to the tv-series Buffy The Vampire Slayer, and like the original the story spans an entire season. We follow Joan and her friends in selected episodes from the season opener to the final showdown against the big bad.

Player type: You are more interested in your character’s arc than in influencing the plot. And it’s quite okay if you aren’t afraid of trying to do some snappy dialogue. This is not a game about investigation, and knowledge of Buffy and the Buffyverse is not required.

Download: Joan the Vampire Slayer


Mads and Kristoffer are old Fastaval writes with a long list of scenarios on their conscience. Kristoffer will be a judge on next year’s Fastaval. Mads does all things creative in his work life (learning games, comedy, books etc..) Kristoffer is a process consultant. They are both dads. Most important: Kristoffer and Mads are both huge fans of Buffy, but they disagree fiercely about whom the one and only is for the slayer.