Identity – Black humor – Death

In Dementia we explore what makes up our identities when the memories of who we are slip away and change. What makes up our identity, what do we fear most with growing old and what defines who we are when we no longer know it ourselves?

By portraying people at the end of their lives, we challenge our own fears of growing old We experiment with gaining and losing the memories that shaped us into the people we are. We are forced to live with our life choices without the possibility to rewrite our history even though we might try.

In a home for demented elderly a normal day takes it course, but on another level each character relive their whole lives again, re-experiencing the memories as they pass by. Four players will act as care-takers and have a meta-function of filling the part of the people lost in the minds of the elderly. They will be loved ones visiting, or ghosts from the past. Reality becomes fluctuant and subjective as the characters’ knowledge of themselves change from one moment to the next. It is a quiet game about being old and not knowing it, about confusion and clarity.

By: Siri Sandquist
Duration: 2 hours
Number of players: 6-8

Download Dementia here.

Sandquist was part of the team who created the larp Suffragett! (2014) and is interested in meta techniques and previously helped the larp Granland III with that. She is educated in archaeology and has worked with children and their time travel to another age.