Great Great Grandma’s Tiara & The Ancestral Farm

Family – Love – Relationships – Gender

– Do you mean that Great Great Grandma’s past is more important than your future?
– No, I mean that her past is a part of my future.

Two drama and relationship larps about traditional female (Tiara) and male (Farm) gender roles and concerns, and the relationships between mothers & daughters; and fathers & sons. 6 generations (3 alive, 3 ghosts) of a family meet during a family emergency.

“Tiara” explores the Western European female world and its expectations, norms, blessings and curses. The Tiara has always been handed down from mother to daughter – it is a useless outdated piece of jewelry that should be sold, or a priceless family heirloom that connects the past with the present and the future. Now the current owner wants to sell it, to give her daughter the opportunities she never had herself.

Similarly, “Farm” explores the male gender role world – it is the expectation, the right and the burden of the oldest son to take over the family Farm. What does that mean in our modern world? Is the farm important, or should it be sold? What traditions should, must and can a father pass down to his son? Ancient family secrets come to light, and people finally get to confront each other.

By: Susanne Vejdemo & Daniel Armyr (SWE)
Duration: 4 hours
Number of players: 6

Download in Swedish:
Great Great Grandma’s Tiara: Scenario and Handouts (print double-sided).
The Ancestral Farm: Scenario and Handouts (print double-sided).

Susanne and Daniel have often collaborated in writing larps – mostly about ethical dilemmas, gender roles, the effect of history on the present. Their joint collaborations include Frizon (the effect of a genocide on the following generation) and Suffragett! (a women’s right to vote demonstration in 1917). They both live in Stockholm.