The Circle of Life

Power – Nostalgia – Change

The king reigns because it’s said so. He is good because it’s said so. The citizens work for the king and obey the king. A new prince is born, he is celebrated by the citizens and by his proud father, the King in the palace. One day the new prince will take over – and the citizens will obey him. It’s the circle of life.

Or could it be any other way? Could the circle of life change? Is it really possible? Someone will make a try.

The circle of life is a story of power and the fight for justice and equality in the context of a beloved children’s movie – The Lion King. The players will create this story together, throughout the eyes of the different animals in the community. How does it feel to have the power, and to lose it? In this scenario we want to explore responsibility and transformation of power. Who is responsible for a change? Who will gain from a change and who will lose?

We visit the familiar settings – the savanna, the graveyard and the jungle – that have been moved to a contemporary reality where the power play might be perceived closer to the players’ reality. The characters from the original are transformed to everyday personas with their inner animals still cleaning their fur and sharpening their claws. The players will use verbal and non-verbal techniques to explore the themes and to move power back and forth. Players will play different characters during the scenario.

This is a scenario for the player who wants to experience a beloved childhood memory transform to a feeling of multilateral frustration

By: Emelie Klanac & Sally Ståhl (swe)
Duration: 3 hour
Number of players: 7

Premiere at Stockholm Scenario Festival 2016.

The Circle of Life

Emelie Klanac discovered larping through drama and theatre in her teens. She has organized two smaller post-ap larps but loves to participate in the whole range from fantasy to blackbox and nordic larp.

Sally Ståhl is a larper and theater nerd with a soft spot for blackbox scenarios.