Self trust – Cooperation – Transhumanism
By: Josephine Rydberg
Duration: 2 hours
Number of players: 4

In the very near future the tech company AI-S is here to help you access those helpful spirits on the other side and to enable you to maximise your spiritual well being via an AI-enhanced seance. Be your spiritual best with AI-S- What could possibly go wrong?

“ChrystalTech is here to help you access that benevolent guidance from The Other Side! We have a long experience in working with tech-aided spiritual guidance. If you need a little extra boost to kick start your psycic abilities and access the advice from you spiritual guides, our seance session will help you realise your full spiritual potential.
In a session with 4 psycic practitioners you will get the aswers to all your questions about your own spiritual potential, such as what is your totem animal, what colour does your aura resonate with and of course, who is your spirit guide. With just your natural energy and our sensor-fed AI, all will be revealed!

If you like our AI and sensor enchanced seance, we also recommend you try the Chrystal Tech Apps for Augurs and Thaumaturgical Implants.”

This scenario is part of a Phd Project at Uniarts. In spring 2020 a presentation of it will be part of a 30% seminar.

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Josephine Rydberg works part time at the Region Gävleborg Cultural dept and part time Phd student at Uniarts, Stockholm. Her Phd Project is called Dramaturgy for Participatory Practises. Started larping 1992. Her family consists of two teenage children, a dog and an elderly cat.