I love Ana

Love – Jeepform – Anorexia

I love Ana is a terrible love story about a group of people who are madly in love with Ana. Through declarations of love, tumblr posts, love letters and other physical demonstrations they proclaim their love to Ana and try to prove that they deserve the attention and love only Ana can give.

Unfortunately, Ana is demanding and merciless. It is difficult to love Ana the way she wants to be loved, so they will have to support each other to gain her affection. In the end, whether they obtain Ana’s Love is a matter of life or death.

Would you sacrifice yourself for Ana?

By: Frederik Berg
Duration: 2 hours
Number of players: 6 (but playable between 4-12)

Download the scenario here: I love Ana

Frederik Berg is a Danish game designer who designed freeform games for the last 20 years and likes to push borders in his game design. He is a part of Jeep writing collective and has designed games such as Previous Occupants (2010), The mothers (2007) and the very debated Fat man down (2009). Currently, he is active in Blackbox Malmö.