Mall Rats

Mall_rats_bildRelations – Secrets – Conflict
By: Sara Sheikhi
Duration: 2 hours
Number of players: 8

In the outskirts of the City, just by the Suburbia and next to the Industrial Area, there is a shopping center called the Mall. While most people tend to visit there only when they need to leave the comfort of their homes, there are others who spend most of their hours there. Despite the glorious mall facade, the Workers of the Mall have their internal struggles, but also joys, of which the visitor might never learn. There is also a group of youngsters called the “Rat Gang” which uses the Mall as a second home. Together, they form complex relations which are in turn conditioned by their working place – the Mall. The Mall, however, lives a life of its own and is by no means as perfect as its ideal service approach.

In this two hour long larp, you will be faced with challenges that are both specific to the characters and shared amongst the others. As a player, you will be playing either a Mall Worker or a Member of the Rat Gang. You will have to engage yourself in the conflict of whether to maintain the facade, or deal with the problems facing the Mall in a variety of ways. The larp is based on conversations amongst the Workers of the Mall and the Rat Gang, and you will have to work together with other players to figure out how to discover and deal with issues behind the facade of the Mall.

Download Mall Rats by Sara Sheikhi

Sara Sheikhi is a soon to be teacher who has a passion for participatory design and art. Thus, she is a devoted lover of Nordic larp, and also a published poet and composer. She wrote the larp Mall Rats for Stockholm Scenario Festival in a time where even the fleeting meetings of a shopping mall seemed like interesting human encounters. She will contribute in a chapter in an upcoming handbook on larp and re-enactment design, with regards to in-game hierarchy and safety.