Now I Feel Closer to You

Now_I_Feel_Closer_to_YouNon-Verbal – Movement based – Abstract
By: Karolina Staël & Adam James
Duration: 1 hour
Number of players: 6-20

This is a larp about the atoms present in a human body. In this larp, you will play as different clusters of atoms, working together to achieve love and happiness. We’re going to play atomic traces, changing matter, splitting of atoms, electrical impulses and elemental chatter.

… Jane is walking along, she bumps into an old friend. It’s been a while since they last met and Janes feels a little nervous. Will this friend remember her? Will they laugh at Jane’s jokes? These thoughts and millions of others race around Jane’s head in a fraction of a microsecond. Within this fraction of a fraction, a carefully choreographed atomic dance of positive and negative elements plays out within the very fiber of Jane’s being.

After playing this scenario, we anticipate you saying “I didn’t know how or what we were doing, but now I feel closer to you.”

Download Now I feel closer to youby Karolina Staël & Adam James

About the authors
Karolina is a larper and larp designer with over 20 under her belt. She’s interested in everything from the abstract to the serious to the super silly.

Adam is a British artist that desire to bring people together in order to understand the self and to open up new ways of being and interacting.