Porn – Desire – Love

600 is a short scenario, freely adapted from Chuck Palahniuks novel Snuff. It is the story of three men in the waiting room of a so called “serial fornication gang-bang”. Here the pornstar Cassie Wright will work her way through 600 men, thus ending her career with a world record.

The scenario follows Misters 72, 137 and 600. It is an absurd tragedy about porn and the way men regard women. The story switches between scenes in the waiting room and flashbacks to the three participants’ pasts, letting the players explain why they are there – at the perhaps most absurd event in the world.

By: Jonas Trier-Knudsen
Duration: 2 hours
Number of players: 4

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Jonas Trier-Knudsen is a Danish game designer and journalist. He has organized larps and written freeform scenarios for the past ten years, for example the larp The White war (2012) and the larp Morgenrøde (2014). The scenario ”600″ won the Envoy-award at the Danish convention Forum in 2013.