Vasen Road

Realism – Ghost story – Don’t speak about it

Vasen no. 30, Jammerbugt county, near the Limfjord, Denmark.

Zenia is dead, but nobody knows that – maybe she doesn’t even really know it herself. She is only 13 and the unspeakable has happened. Nobody knows what’s happened, nobody can intervene.

She wants help. She screams, but nobody hears her. Nobody but for a retired social worker who, somehow, makes contact with that which lies beyond.

We’re in the reclaimed land surrounding the fjord. On the vase, as the old dam was called. Out here one can find the cheapest houses in the area, where the properties are filled with car wrecks, broken-down dinghies, and eel traps entangled in orange fish buoys.

Vasen Road is a realistic ghost story for four players and one Game Master. It plays out in short individual scenes, with the contents in each scene being up to the players. They will play a number of roles inside of, and relating to, a family where tragedy has struck – but without actually describing the occurrence itself in detail.

Vasen Road is inspired by real-life horrors where unspeakable acts are committed behind closed curtains, far from the authorities’ attention.

By: Mikkel Bækgaard
Duration: 4 hours
Number of players: 4

Download Vasen road here.

Bækgaard has written freeform scenarios for 20 years and is one of Denmark’s most acclaimed scenario-writers and has received several prices for his work. You can find his scenarios here. He works with words, strategies and communication in everyday life.