Scenarios 2014

We give you a mix of old scenarios and newly written material.

The scenarios are selected to create a wide variety of themes with different expressions and game mechanics. We want a clear premise and a tight narrative that are key ingredients to creating great experiences.

The scenarios are all written down, re-playable and playable without the writers present. There should be no preparations for the participants and all props (if any) shall be provided by the organizers. As a participant you should just get the good stuff; to play and have a great experience.

We proudly present the line up of scenarios of 2014.

Porn – Desire – Love
Tragedy about the the porn industry. Three men are waiting to meet her in the flesh, The Woman of Their Dreams: Cassie Wright. The uncrowned queen of anal. Read more.
By: Jonas Trier-Knudsen

Dementia – New!
Identity – Black humor – Death
Dementia is a larp where we discover what is left when we forget who we are. A quiet game about being old and not knowing it, of lost loves, of feeling vulnerable, and of family ties. What makes up our identity, what do we fear the most with growing old, and what define who we are when we no longer know it ourselves? Read more.
By: Siri Sandquist

I love Ana
Love – Jeepform – Anorexia
I love Ana is a terrible love story about a group of people who are madly in love with Ana. Through declarations of love, tumbler posts, love letters and other physical demonstrations they proclaim their love to Ana and try to prove that they deserve the attention and love only Ana can give. Read more.
By: Frederik Berg

I Say a Little Prayer
Friendships- Death – Gay men
We follow the lives of 5 young gay men during the early years of the AIDS epidemic in the 1980s. We play out their sexual and romantic adventures as well as the story of how their friendship evolves over the course of several years in a community hard hit by the epidemic. Read more.
By: Tor Kjetil Edland

Let the world burn
Love – Fundamentalism – Surrealism
P.E. has lost his beloved Q, but chooses to repress her death. Instead he ventures into an absurd cityscape to retrieve her. A small group caught up in his delusion follows him. Their search becomes an obsession that slowly crumbles the world around them, but is it not a price worth paying for love? Read more.
By: Peter Fallesen

Macbeth – New!
Intense – Shakespeare – Rhyme
With Shakespeare’s text as a starting point we create a story about the destruction that follows when ambition goes beyond moral constraints. Macbeth on his way to murder King Duncan:
Is this a dagger which I see before me,
The handle toward my hand?
Read more.
By: Joel Grimm & Elsa Helin

Fashion – Contest – Creation
The finals of the world’s greatest fashion reality tv-show, Paninaro 2014. Four talented fashion designers are ready to compete in an arena of fabrics, scissors, flamboyant roleplaying and cutthroat competition. Read more.
By: Kristian Bach Petersen & Oliver Nøglebæk

Fast-paced – Surreal – Office
Papers is playful and surreal experience at a company visited by management consultants. The game caricatures corporate culture in a fun and fast-paced way, using music and rituals in a cartoonish way to energize the players. Are you ready to go from good to great? Read more.
By: Petter Karlsson & Martin Rother-Schirren

The Hospitality – New!
Collectivity – Humour – Space
The Hospitality is a spaceship leaving earth with a group of travelers that share and shape each others destiny together. It is a philosophic story with a touch of sci-fi that happens in a choreocracy – a society where decisions are made through collective movement in space. The choreocratic society decides to initiate a cosmic movement, a travel in space that might never end. Will the travelers ever return home, and who will they then be? Read more.
By: Tova Gerge, Ebba Petrén & Gabriel Widing

The Journey
Post-apocalyptic – Scene-based  – Jeepform
Enter into an ominous post-apocalyptic world where you enter a journey to find hope and the Turning Point. A journey that with each step takes you further away from your goal and from who you once were. Scene-based scenario offering slow-paced, uneasy and intense gaming. Shall we dance? Read more.
By: Fredrik Åkerlind

Under my skin
Fidelity – Love – Temptation
An emotional scenario about a circle of friends. They are in relationships or single, everyone is falling in love with someone new in the group. They explore their new and old relationships; will they cross the line with someone else? What will the consequences be for their old relationship and what are the consquences for the group? Read more.
By: Emily Care Boss

We Were W.A.S.P.
Sisterhood – Flying – Oppression
A story about the forgotten female pilots of W.A.S.P. – Women Airforce Service Pilots. Four very different women, their love of flying and their struggle to be accepted as real pilots during the second world war. The scenario is a mixture of historic facts/events/persons and fiction to make a playable narrative. Read more.
By: Ann Eriksen