Who is Normal?

Masks – Normality – Non-verbal

In the City there are two types of people. The Normal ones, who are always doing everything right, and the Abnormal ones, who are always doing everything wrong. What will You do?

Who is Normal? is a non-verbal scenario about normality, how we create it and how it changes. All the Normal ones will be wearing masks, which can be removed and thereby changing the Normal one to an Abnormal one and vice versa.
The purpose of the scenario is to explore what one can do within the boundaries of the minimalistic instructions.

By: Frida Karlsson Lindgren & Jonatan Gedda (Swe)
Duration: 2 hours
Number of players: 12-16

Download the scenario here.

Frida Karlsson Lindgren’s first larping experience was a freeform scenario and it’s been her favourite larp form since. She identifies as a game master, but can sometimes dabble in larp design, lecturing and psychology.

Jonatan Gedda went to kindergarten at Långholmens folkhögskola between its use as a prison and its present state. Jonatan is a freelancing phenomenologist with his roots in showbusiness.