Scenarios 2016

Stockholm Scenario Festival is a festival with short free form role-playing games, short larps or any type of participatory storytelling – scenarios. Here we proudly present the line up of scenarios of 2016  – a mix of new and old.

A Place to Fuck Each Other
Queer – Relationships – Drama
A Place To Fuck Each Other is about queer women and the relationships they tentatively build within new spaces. It moves through a cluster of lovers as they play slice-of-life scenes about hooking up and moving in. It’s about hope, disillusionment, and attempting to create healthy queer spaces. Read more.
By: Avery Mcdaldno (us)

A Spotless Mind
Identity loss – Emotions – Reflection
How do people act and react when they don’t have any memory of who they or the people around them are? What happens to us when we stand with a spotless mind? What do we see as important? Who we have been before we lost ourselves? Or who we might become now, when all possibilities stands before us? Read more.
By: Simon Larsson (swe)

Do Us Part
Relationships – Arguing – Dreams
A larp about relationships, crushed dreams and the constraints in a patriarchal society. You play one of several couples, all part of a Church fellowship, through seven set scenes from their early married days to the time when one or both of them wants a divorce, despite the stigma that would follow. Read more.
By: Annica Strand with workshop design By Elli Garperian (swe)

Great Great Grandma’s Tiara & The Ancestral Farm
Family – Love – Relationships – Gender
Two drama and relationship larps about traditional female (Tiara) and male (Farm) gender roles and concerns, and the relationships between mothers & daughters; and fathers & sons. 6 generations (3 living, 3 ghosts) of a family get together during a family emergency. Read more.
By: Susanne Vejdemo & Daniel Armyr (swe)

Happy Ends
Play up the positive
Happy Ends wants to make you happy. It wants you to understand that there is power in the good stuff, not just in trying to be that one that’s most worse off. Let’s explore the delicacy and intimacy of happiness together. Read more.
By: Tobias Wrigstad (swe)

I don’t like Mondays
Documentary – Identity – Surrealism
This is the story of the six months leading up to the Monday where the 16 year old Brenda Ann Spencer fires 500 shots at a school across the street. The scenario follows the fight between three different versions of Brenda as dreams and realities bleed into each other. Read more.
By: Ann Kristine Eriksen (dk)

It’s Just a Stage – Premiere at Stockholm Scenario Festival 2016
Performance – co-creation – Shared history
A theatre company await the performance of their farewell show – an autobiographical piece which looks back at their turbulent history as a performing group. After, the actors will go their separate ways. But they haven’t finished writing the show yet. What version of their history will they create? Read more.
By: Karolina Sołtys & Mo Holkar (uk)

Living Embers – Premiere at Stockholm Scenario Festival 2016
Family – Normalisation of Dysfunction – Surreal
A dysfunctional family, a surreal house. The family can stay together only if the family members throw their individuality into the hearth. The house will burn. Or has it already? Read more.
By: Laura Wood, Karolina Sołtys, Patrik Balint & David Owen (uk & swe)

Love according to ABBA
Love – Music – Party
A band during their last summer tour 1979. Five party nights tells the story of the band’s loves and lives. It’s new meetings, endings and longing. The music of ABBA is used to express inner feelings – we’ll sing and dance out our emotions for maximun drama. It’s sing along – all can join no matter of vocal skills. Read more.
By: Anna Westerling (swe)

My sister, Malala
Internet – Girls – Freedom
This scenario is about girls in Pakistan and their possibilities to exchange thoughts and ideas freely. It is about empowerment, on-line harassment and human rights. The scenario poses questions about who has access to Internet and who has not. Read more.
By: Elsa Helin (swe)

Naked as we came
Love – relationship – forgiveness
A story about love, overcoming obstacles and growing as a couple. Where love shows itself and changes form: the small signs, falling in love, nausea and inadequacy, hope for eternity together, failure, rage and addiction. It’s the unconditional and infinite love that lasts until and beyond the moment where one must leave before the other. Read more.
By: Helene Willer Piironen & Jakob Ponsgård (dk)

Never For Ever
Love – Growth – Evolution
What happens to a relationship as the years go by? How do you keep something alive when dreams has to share space with reality? Is it even worth keeping alive? Memories and dreams of the future meet in a lonesome cabin where we meet 4 people during 3 different stages of life. A story about love, growth and evolution. Read more.
By: Kristoffer Lindh & Martin Rother-Schirren (swe)

Old Friends
Ghosts – Possession – Scar tissue
You hunted ghosts. You were a mess of individual flaws, but it worked. It worked until Sara died. It happened at a school, back in ’96. Seemed like routine; turned into your worst job ever. 2016: Långholmens folkhögskola, the same classroom. The past has brought you together, for that one last job. Read more.
By: Jason Morningstar & Ole Peder Giæver (us & no)

Qivittoq: Fell Walker
Greenland – Myth – Hunting
Qivittoq: Fell Walker is the story about hunting. Four people hunting a polar bear through the stunning, rugged and treacherous landscape of Greenland. Hunting for a fell walker who has made the area evil and erratic. A hunt for your destiny, for forgiveness and redemption. Read more.
By: René Toft (dk)

Dancing – Nonverbal – Intergroup dynamics
In our culture, the way we are gendered restricts how and where we are permitted to move our bodies. This scenario explores that. It is a nonverbal game playing with exaggerated stereotypes, to magnify these patterns and make them visible. Furthermore, we hope you will simply enjoy moving together. Read more.
By: Frida Karlsson Lindgren & Sofia Stenler (swe)

Sense and Sensibility
Romance – Economy – Austen
In a time and a class when marriage was the most important economical decision a person could make we follow two very different sisters in finding a partner and a future life. Thought scenes and letters we play out Jane Austen’s immortal story about life in England in the beginning of the 19th century. Read more.
By: Anna Westerling (swe)

So Mom I Made This Sex Tape
Intergenerational – Feminism – Values
Different generations of feminists argue it out about sex, porn, and what the main point of feminism really is. Read more.
By: Susanne Vejdemo (swe)

The Circle of Life – Premiere at Stockholm Scenario Festival 2016 
Power- Nostalgia – Change
The king is great. The citizens work. That is the way it is, always has been and always will be. A prince will take over and thus the circle of life will continue. But could there be another way? Could we make a change? Someone will make a try. Inspired by The Lion King we’ll tell the story from eyes of the the different animals in the community. We’ll explore transformation of power, responsibility and change in society. Read more.
By: Emelie Klanac & Sally Ståhl (swe)

They Grey Zone
Sex – Consent – Blame
The players portrays the inner voices of a woman who has been through a sexual grey zone experience. During the early morning she debates with herself, what really happened last night? Was it rape? Who is to blame? She needs to decide what to believe and what to do before the alarm rings. Read more.
By: Siri Sandquist (swe)

Tour of Duty
Military culture – Combat trauma – Sexual violence
A collaborative freeform storytelling game where players work together to describe the experience of a single female soldier serving active combat duty for the US military. Read more.
By: Moyra Turkington (ca)

Until We Find Him
Family – Scandinavia – Roadmovie
Two grown up siblings traveling through Scandinavia in search of their long lost father. A story about two people sharing a past, but who have drifted apart. Having found their father’s old letters to their late mother, they try to make sense of it all. Maybe they will find him. Maybe they will give up. Maybe they will find each other. Maybe things won’t get better than they are. Read more.
By: Rasmus Troelsen & Anders Troelsen (dk)

Who is Normal?
Masks –  Normality – Non-verbal
In the City there are two types of people. The Normal ones, who are always doing everything right, and the Abnormal ones, who are always doing everything wrong. What will You do? A non-verbal scenario about normality, how we create it and how it changes. Read more.
By: Frida Karlsson Lindgren & Jonatan Gedda (swe)

Willful Disregard
Sex – Love – Expectations
She wants love, he wants sex. We follow their relationship from first meeting, first date and to the bitter end. They meet, have sex – and do inner monologues. How do you make it work when it is broken from the beginning? Read more.
By: Anna Westerling (swe)

Break-up – Physical – Introspective
Wilt is a non-verbal larp about going through different phases after ending a romantic relationship. Every scene is instructed through a guided meditation, and includes different physical restrictions where the two characters of the relationship try to renegotiate the relation they have to each other. Read more.
By: Mads Jøns Frausig & Karete Jacobsen Meland (dk & no)

XY – Premiere at Stockholm Scenario Festival 2016
Emotions – Therapy – Psychodrama
Stop. I can help you. The emotions you never knew how to express. The sadness you never felt. The joy. Here we help each other. Here we make each other feel. We’ll tear the veil from your heart. Show you how it is to be human. Teach you how to cry. Read more.
By: Frederik Berg (dk/swe)

Your will be done  – Premiere at Stockholm Scenario Festival 2016
Prussic acid – Short scenes – A true story
The eight children and their father in 1900.
The couple who want to marry in 1926.
The Father who awaits his firstborn child in 1940.
The Mother who is saying goodbye in 1955.
The police officer who saved a life in 1973.
What happened and what did not happen.
Read more.
By: Caroline Sjövall (swe)